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Harbiye is located 7km from Antakya city center on highway E-91 connecting to Suriye and thus to the Middle East via Yayladagi. It is located 50 km from the Syrian border. The communal organization of Harbiye was founded in 1938, which was also the date of Hatay’s accession to the homeland. The Prime Minister at the time was Tayfur Sokmen.

Harbiye is known all over the world as the historical Daphne, a popular resort down of the Seleucid Empire. However evidence of the Seleucid period is sparse due to heavy earthquakes that historically have rocked the area. The town is green with forests and there are numerous waterfalls and watercourses said to have been created from the tears of Daphne. for more information!

Harbiye is also the source of all sorts of vegetables and fruits highly favoured by tourists, especially by those coming from Middle Eastern countries.

Harbiye is not only the most elegant and beautiful district of the province but also of the entire South Anatolian region. Since it is located on the highway connecting the Middle East to Turkey, it is a place of call, with accommodations varying from family-type pensions to hotels, and during summer months, with families renting portions of their homes to visitors. Harbiye boasts fine restaurants, especially in the picturesque waterfalls district, serving delicious Turkish and Syrian fare, and entertainment for tourists from those countries. Picnic facilities also dot the area.

Harbiye is famous worldwide for its handworks. Sculpture is rather improved. Natural silk produced in the district with workbenches are in high demand in the country. Harbiye has an extensive market across Turkey in souvenir production and helve knitting.

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