There ara lots of way to reach Harbiye(Daphne). First you need to come to Antakya.

1) The first way is by Bus. If you decided to use buses there are some Bus Companies. In fact we have lots of agency but most-widely known are Has Turizm, Jet Turizm, Nur Turizm, Günsas Turizm. You can have more information about agencies by clicking their emblems from their web sites.


Has Turizm +90 326 444 0 631                Jet Turizm +90 326 444 0 277


Nur Seyahat +90 326 227 0 810             Günsas Tur +90 326 444 0 288



Location of Antakya Otogarı (Antakya Bus Station):

After coming to Antakya ask for service of  the company (usually free). If they dont have a service you can use a taxi. Dont try to go to Harbiye by taxi, it cost about 20-25$. Tell to the driver to take you to Harbiye Dolmuş. Dolmuş is a type of shared taxi (Spelling may different to you. You can say “harbiye dolmush a gidecem” the driver will understand :). At the google translator you can see the translate ” ‘ll go a full military academy”. Dont be confused, just click the listen and try to learn it. In turkish Harbiye is also mean Military Academy)

Harbiye Dolmuş

The fee is about a dollar. For the currency please click!


2) The second is by plane. For offical web site of Hatay Airport please click! Directly you probably cant find a flight in. Türk Hava Yolları, Anadolu Jet , Pegasus , SunExpress , and FlyNas are landing to Hatay Airport.After landing to Antakya you can use Dolmuş to come Harbiye (Daphne).

Location of Hatay Havaalanı (Hatay Aiport):